Art of Photography exhibition Event 4

I did not attend the event personally, however i did look throughout e website and looked at the various pieces and artists in the exhibition.

I was really impressed with the pieces by Chris Sisarich. His work seems to have a gloomy and twisted side to it which makes it interesting and intriguing. Chris Sisarich’s, “Guy Alone” photo was pretty cool because it was so simple but yet it said so much. The guy standing alone in the open desert leaves you with a sense of loneliness and solitude. Sometimes i try to put myself into a picture or piece of artwork so i can connect with the artist, however this is one artist i would rather not try connect with because his work reminds me of loneliness. I really liked this shot as well by Isidor Leontis. It is called “The Gates to Promised Land” for a good reason. To me this picture shows so much not just about the setting but at which speed and setting the camera is set at. The jets in the sky of this image show that this photo was shot at a super high shutter speed. I love these types of shots because they can only be seen still. You never really get to focus in on things like jets while in motion, however when slowed down like sidor Leontis does with this photo you can clearly see a jet still in motion.


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