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Shall we Dance

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I thought the American version of shall we dance was more entertaining however i found both films to be a littl more boreing than the others. I couldn’r really relate with any of the characters, maybe because of the age devide. The Japanese version was ok because it was based on traditional japaneese dances and was different than the American version. Both movies were so different i wouldn’t really have been able to tell were based on the same story oher than the title.



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I’ve seen a fair share of art exhibitions and live shows but nothing quite like the one on wednesday night by Sheepwoman.¬† The film featured artists SUE- C and Laetitia Sonami in a collaboration that introduces light projection timed up with various computer and electronic noises. To create this film they used a projector and a flashlight with various objects and film strips to create the images we saw on the projection screen. The interesting thing about this event was that it was all done live with the two artists on stage with their backs to the audience. While one of the women dealt with all the projections and imagery, the other controlled the audio levels and noises.

The film was inspired by Haruki Murakami’s “The Wild Sheep Chase” and “Dance Dance Dance.” To be completely¬† honest i was really confused about the story line and the overall message about the piece, however i still really enjoyed it because of the randomness. I have never heard of Haruki Murakami’ before so i was unable to see a connection to his work as mentioned by the two performers. I think it would be really difficult for someone to recognize or pick up that this film was even based on two different stories by Haruki even if they had previously read his work. It was the first time i had ever heard of this type film projection so being able to not just learn about it but to see it first hand was very insightful.

You know a film is powerful when you start to loose track of thought and really let your state of mind wonder. I found myself doing this several times, over and over without really any control of it.¬† The sounds that where used where extremely loud and also extremely different than most of the sounds you hear in a modern day film. The audio works well with projection because like the film itself the audio is very chaotic and disorienting. I don’t know if it was because of the visuals or the audio, or just because the audience was bored with the film, but i did notice a fair share of people leave throughout the showing.

After listening to all the buzzing and various noises, i found myself still hearing little beeps and tones up to a couple hours later. The film itself almost has a brainwashing effect because it is hard on the eyes and sometimes hard on the ears. If you are someone who does not enjoy loud or distracting things, you would probably get very annoyed and frustrated with this film within the first five minutes of it. I think both of the artists are taking a huge risk by doing this type of work because their are so many factors and things that can go wrong with the types of instruments they use.

They first showed this film back on April 3, 4 and 5 at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) and have been screening it off and on ever since for schools and small exhibits. I think this type of cinematography has a chance to be very successful if done properly. Like i said before i did enjoy the show, however i do believe it lacked in some areas. I believe some of the scenes were dragged out for way to long and also the fact that they had reoccurring shots that didn’t hold to much strength or meaning. If i had to recommend anything to the women i would like to know about Haruki’s stories before hand so i have a better understanding of the film. The way they start the film with the older women’s voice drowning everything else out is pretty powerful so maybe narration before their film would take away from the film itself. I believe however that if done properly a short narration in a program would help in understanding the film a little more before seeing it. I could be wrong and this may be the exact reaction the artists are looking for, someone who is even more lost and confused than they were entering the auditorium.

Whatever the overall message was, it had a pretty big effect on me and the way i look at film and the way it can be altered. This is a good example of using your creativity and imagination to do something so completely different and wild that it just might work. If you enjoy seeing new techniques and new ideas i would strongly recommend this film, however i would recommend that you try and have an open mind for the best experience.