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Rabbit-Proof Fence

Posted in Uncategorized on September 29, 2010 by zackpatton44

I remember seeing this film when it first came out back in 2002, seeing it again 8 years later, i felt the same emotions except this time around i was able to look at other aspects of the film such as the way each scene was shot and the way the filmmakers were able to create such a great film with minimal dialect . I thought the way the film was shot was fantastic for the story line. There was hardly any dialect but the way it was filmed created so much more in each scene. As the girls walked home you could hear their footsteps, really making the audience understand the torture and hardships they had to go through.

This film is definitely informational and moving yet very emotional. It was hard to watch this film without feeling any anger. Watching the way people were being treated on their native lands was horrible. Watching this film defiantly made me feel a certain rage for being white. It disgusts me how people think they can just eliminate or control other ethnicity  the way they do.